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Student resource scheme


The Student Resource Scheme has been implemented to ensure that all students have the necessary resources to support their educational requirements. It is also intended as a convenience to parents/caregivers to provide a more economical option to purchasing resources and textbooks each year. The scheme does not cover students’ personal requisites such as stationery, writing materials and other consumable items.​

Participation in the scheme is voluntary. Parents/Caregivers are under no obligation to join, however, they will need to provide all necessary textbooks and resources for students if they elect not to join the scheme.
Download further information on the SRS - Frequently Asked Questions - 2018 (PDF, 430KB)


2018 SRS Information Booklets 


Year 7, 2018 Information Booklet (PDF, 2,041KB)

Year 8, 2018 Information Booklet (PDF, 1,570KB)

Year 9, 2018 Information Booklet (PDF, 1,486KB)

Year 10, 2018 Information Booklet (PDF, 1,768KB)

Year 11, 2018 Information Booklet (PDF, 1,543KB)

Year 12, 2018 Information Booklet (PDF, 1,880KB)